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You’re a bit tired of all those gift boxes and flowers that you get for your birthday, Christmas, wedding, anniversary, etc. and would you rather have an original artwork? And you don’t have the funds yourself? Then ArtWish might be the ideal solution.

ArtWish is a combination of saving and crowdfunding, but in the field of art. You always dreamt about owning a work of art? Use ArtWish to ask all of your family, friends and acquaintances to make a financial contribution, to make your dream come true.


Step 1 • CHOOSE: Come to Pjez Unik and choose your dream piece of art.

Step 2 • START: A project is started and you pay a one-time registration of 20% of the selling price of the chosen artwork. This 20% is also your first down payment for the artwork.

Step 3 • SAVE: You can ask everyone, family / friends / acquaintances / …, to contribute to the purchase of your dream artwork.

Step 4 • ENJOY: As soon as the sale price has been reached, everyone who has made a promise for a contribution will be notified and the funds can be transferred to Pjez Unik’s account. After full payment, the artwork is handed over to the new owner.

Other Services

Art adds value to your home or garden.
Because each of us has a different housing style and living space, it is not easy to choose an appropriate piece of art.
Each of us will experience an Artwork in its own way: it must touch you, move you, release feelings and emotions …
Pjez Unik likes to give personal and professional advice when purchasing an Artwork within your budget.

Are you in doubt if an certain piece of Art will match your home-interior.
Pjez Unik offers a presentation service free of charge

Do you want to surprise someone or treat yourself in a unique painting or sculpture, Pjez Unik makes your dream true.
The artists of Pjez Unik loves to make an Artwork in commission, the only condition is that the artist will execute the contract in his familiar style.
Definitely ask information in our gallery.

Especially for companies, Pjez Unik offers art leasing. Let your company lease your beloved artwork and enjoy. Ask for our conditions.

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