Artist in permanent collection.

Exhibitions by Pjez Unik:
Umanità (2018)

The fine art pieces at ONCA Sculptures are made using a specific and unique process which I have developed over time. Every sculpture starts with a snapshot of a specific moment in life. This can be people dancing, loving, and caring or an animal jumping, resting, and playing. I try to capture the energy (be it love, anger, playfulness, …)  of the moment and translate this into the sculpture.

My first pieces where created in bee wax. Although a very nice material to work with, it is very though on maintenance and cleaning. For that reason I started investigating other materials; with my background in chemistry a quickly came to polyester resin and fiberglass. The material provided me with the means to create my art pieces. Over time I enhanced the process, this enhancement is still ongoing.

Each sculpture starts with a metal wire. Actually some pieces of metal wire which will be ruffed to create the basic shape of the sculpture.

Once this is done paper tape is added with additional wire to generate volume and detail. A layer of Japanese paper is added to secure all and to strengthen the sculptures frame. A couple of layers of papier-mâché are added to generate additional volume and detail. These layers require some days to dry before I can sand them to create a smooth surface. A couple of layers of very thin fiberglass are added in order to prevent cracking of the sculpture. Now we are ready to apply the polyester layers. Each sculpture gets at least 8 layers but this can be more. The coloring of the sculpture is done in this phase. During this process some more sanding occurs and at the end the sculpture receives a polishing. 

The style of the art is quite unique, combining energy with simplicity to create a sculpture with a great appearance. The items are created with great passion and skill and you will be able to proudly display them at your home or work.
The sculptures can also be displayed outdoors. In order to do so they need to be treated with an additional polyester coat. 

My current work includes a wide variety of modern sculptures of animals and humans.

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