PAINTER Paul De Ryck

Artist in permanent collection.

Exhibitions by Pjez Unik:
Surrealistic Devotion (2017)
Warped Reality (2021)

Even at a first approach of Paul De Rijck’s work, you realize: ‘This is magic’. It takes you along on a travel throughout time and space, where the distinctions between matter and emotion no longer exist. Whoever is captivated by the essence of things and not satisfied by the answers given by the traditional systems of science or religion, is invited on a journey full of surprises, and yet full of recognition. De Rijck’s paintings confront every spectator with questions, with dreams and desires. With powers that penetrate the mind and, after the violent shock of confrontation, with the peace of love.

You undergo the attraction of the philosopher, of the artist who feels, who bears, who ‘knows’ the world view, long before it became common property. His technical professionalism combined with the metaphors of his vision, at first sight do have a strange effect on the spectator: they make him feel confused and embarrassed since they confront him with his deepest self. Maybe he’ll keep distance after the confrontation, for not everybody is capable of penetrating to the essence of things. Those however who succeed, enter into a fascinating universe, for ever unfinished but always creating new possibilities.

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