Artist in permanent collection.

Exhibitions by Pjez Unik:
Encounters (2019)

Merel is a Belgian artist who lives and works in the centre of Antwerp since 1980 and devotes herself entirely to the practice and distribution of her art.

In recent years, Merel’s work has been displayed at a number of exhibitions both at home and abroad, mainly at one-women shows.

After finishing her studies at the St Lucas Institute in Antwerp where she studied Fine Arts and followed a specialised course in graphic design, Merel’s work focused on figurative design.

Large areas of colour with subjects depicted in a simple fashion made her works bold and striking.

The many study trips she made to countries such as India, Africa, the United States and South America inspired her to use a more exuberant colour pallet.

She creates canvases with powerful colours and strong layers of intens paints, and which have been clearly influenced by a number of different cultures.

Her current works evoke dream-like images and worlds that bring to mind universal and human themes such as love, freedom and happiness.

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