PAINTER Honza Hlobil

Artist in permanent collection.

HONZA HLOBIL is an autodidact. Honza started painting a couple of years ago, but soon discovered his sensibility towards the canvas. He makes his ‘stream of thoughts’ clear by the use of intuitive action painting, dripping, and his more lyric-poetic ‘doodles’, which are a xenogamy of the rawness of expressionism, the poetry of Miro and the power of Chinese calligraphy.

Honza paints with acrylic paint, because the fast drying allows him to work intuitive. He also tries to discover new structures in the paint by working with different materials and new ways of bringing the paint on to the canvas. His goal is to create a stream of energy on the canvas.

Honza is often very spontanious while painting, that’s why it sometimes happens that while he is ‘in the zone’ he grabs the first piece of canvas he sees around him. That is the reason you can sometimes find unusual dimensions of his paintings.

He also likes to give paintings a name according to the song or a band he listens to while making it.

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