Artist in permanent collection.

Exhibitions by Pjez Unik:
Spectrum of Feelings (2017)

The first steps of F.man started at the age of eleven. F.man independently stretched her first canvas, prepared it and painted mischievously her first portraits with oil. 

A few years later, at the age of 15, she got admittance to the Art Academy Sint-Lukas Brussels, based upon her early drawings and paintings, despite that the school year had already started for two months, and extraordinary without the usual required entrance examination. The exceptional quality of her work allows to work outside of the box-distinctive indeed for those rare artists with inspired passion.
In 1995, she was winner of the art contents organized in honor of the Belgian CoBrA artist Christian Dotremont, with her work entitled ‘Manneke Pis’. 

F.man discovered abstract worlds and dimensions. She experimented with gold, silver and metallic pant and captured our relationship with other worlds in images that change depending on the incidence of light and their location. 

Her abstract work has pioneering quality. It literally brings you into a different world and different experiences. The fact that a lot of her paintings have different faces, depending on the light or dark intensity makes it even more mysterious and contemplative! The fact that everything is transitory and constantly in movement became the leitmotiv throughout her works. In search of inspiration and new insights, she worked in Antwerp, Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Vienna, Paris, Bratislava, Prague, Strasburg, Ku- ala Lumpur and Perth… 

F.man is for years fascinated by the influence of personal perspective in the interpretation of the surrounding reality. Both her portraits and abstract art emanate a depth, emotion and magnetism which live in accordance with the rhythm of the days. Her most recent primary focus is her interpretation of the world’s fair Expo ’58 and the Atomium. The art of F.man moves along with the laws of day and night. The paintings, by the accurate choice of color and applied techniques, change with the variation in light intensity. She applies luminescence to demonstrate the notion ‘Time’ and to lift it up from the quantum level to the visible.

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