PAINTER Evelyn Hamilton

Artist in permanent collection.

Exhibitions by Pjez Unik:
Striking Souls (2019)
Zinnenprikkelende (2016)

Looking at her paintings you can see immediately that painting is her passion. The striking composition and her powerful brushstrokes make her paintings so exceptional. Especially painting movement and emotion as captivating as possible fascinates her enormously.
Evelyn “Painting is an exciting journey that never ends” “I still develop myself every day. Thats what makes painting so fascinating”

Evelyn Hamilton is always searching for that magical moment to capture in her paintings. That one simple gesture, emotion, light in the eyes, that moves and fascinates and won’t let you go.  Evelyn’s work is sometimes modest, then again thick with emotion and soul.

She has been very successful in subduing viewers with images that draw one in and leaves you immersed in a labyrinth of gnawing questions – Who are those people? Are they in love? Is she lonely? Is she mythical?

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