SCULPTOR Elya Yalonetski

Artist in permanent collection.

Elya Yalonetski is an award winning artist working with ceramics for the last 20 years successfully combining her initial traditional education from the Russian ceramic school with the Baroque and Renaissance elements in her sculptures and figurines.

Inspired both by the Greek Mythology and Minoan ceramics Elya Yalonetski has created a collection of sculptures playing with her interpretations of the known legends.

According to Elya Yalonetskiceramic is a very mystical art medium. Being very fragile it can still survive over ages and epochs. Having mostly unknown authors each ceramic peace keeps the personal aura of his creator and whole cultures are named after certain ceramic styles.
With over 1000 objects sold to the collectors from around the world Elya Yalonetski hopes that some thousands years later someone will be able to “read” the feelings from her artwork like she can feel them admiring the work of ancient craftsmen in the archaeological museum.
In this context the announced cooperation is very important for the artist: her meanwhile worldwide known bell-dolls were initially inspired by the Ancient Greek ceramics, and now she is feeling like bringing back something she has borrowed before.

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