PAINTER Danielle Morak

Artist in permanent collection.

Exhibitions by Pjez Unik:
2019: Worlds Collide
2021: Emozione

Danielle is mostly a self-taught artist having grown up around paints and brushes in an artistic environment. Her works have been exhibited in the Van Campen & Rochtus gallery in Antwerp, in collaboration with the writer Regine Wechsler.

Morak loves to experiment in many different styles. Oil painting remains her absolute favourite, preferably on a very tightly-stretched canvas. She is also fascinated with hyper-realistic portraits and the focus and skill it requires. As of late, larger abstract paintings fuel her emotion and creativity. Her artistic inspiration comes from dreams; her rich and vivid sub-conscious mind filled with emotions and visions. In her figurative works she loves to explore female heroes from different cultures throughout history.

Painting is for her as essential as nourishment or having a roof above her head. She sees her artistic practice as a form of meditation; an undeniable urge to lose herself in the work and by doing so make sense of life itself. Her goal is to touch the viewer; to elicit an emotional impact. She feels that in the complexity of the contemporary art world the artist’s backstory often supersedes the works itself and she prefers to let the paintings speak for themselves.

Her work has evolved from the hyper-realistic into the abstract. Her brushes and palette knives are guided more and more by her dreams and sub-conscious urges. In future works she will continue to explore this new path.

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