SCULPTOR Christian Cadelli

Artist in permanent collection.

Exhibitions by Pjez Unik:
Stanza (2022)
Worlds Collide (2019)
Corpus Interno (2017)
Exhibitions by Pjez Unik • Artspaces:
Color I Calor (2018)

His knowledge of the basic techniques of gips was learned naturally in is father’s workshop. Professional craftsman with a diploma from the Academie des Beaux Arts of Brussels

In order to work on modeling and sculpture, he became interested in various materials and their associations, as well, with applied finishes.

Always looking for new ideas, his research is often the result of the combining of natural stones, clay, bronze or wood, a combination not often used in sculpture.
Resolutely contemporary, these sculptures are sometime inspired by primitive art but they are always full of emotions.

In other words, expression is always present.

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