PAINTER Christoph Van Daele

Artist in permanent collection.

Exhibitions by Pjez Unik:
Organic Feelings (2018)
Zinnenprikkelend (2018)

All paintings are hand painted (with palette knife and oilpaint on canvas) by artist Christoph Van Daele. Powerful colors interspersed with sophisticated accents, passionate strokes … but also with vulnerability and emotion.

With high quality oilpaint and much love for the profession he makes the finest quality artworks on heavy canvas cloth. 

Christoph Van Daele mainly paints colorful and generally large paintings . In modern cheerful warm or cold colors. Each color in the painting is carefully selected by the artist and suitable for any modern or classic interior design.

The essence of my work is emotion and colors, in all its wondrous forms.

Nature and people are my greatest inspiration. I paint not immediately what I see,  but some of it remains in my memories. Color is very important to me, it makes the shape of the work.

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