SCULPTOR Alfred Bellefroid

Artist in permanent collection.

The main characteristics of the bronze sculptures of Fred Bellefroid are movement, tension and spatiality. Together, these characteristics result in dynamic sculptures with a strong feeling of space. The creation of space is even accentuated by the “stretched” and slim character of the figures.
The central theme in his work is the human figure, not as a metaphor of life, but as an expression of life itself: the space experienced and explored by the human body in sports and in play, in dance and in acrobatics, in the rhythm of music, in the intimacy of a pose, in the dynamics of a movement. As such, his sculptures radiate life as solidified moments in rest or as a chain of consecutive phases of movement. Life as movement in rest or as arrested movement. Great attention is given to the choice of the specific momentum of the movement, to the preservation of spontaneity in representing this momentum and to power and tension in the sculpture. Bronze is the most appropriate material to render these dynamics, tension and space. Through the process of casting, this material also appeals strongly to the transition from fluid to solidified life.

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