PAINTER & SCULPTOR Dimitri Pichelle

Artist in permanent collection.

Exhibitions by Pjez Unik:
Freedom of Expression (2020)

Dimitri studied at the Brussels Academy of Fine Arts and then embarked on a realm halfway between painting and sculpture.

His career reflects a determination for dynamic communication with the spectator. In the last five years, his researches and aspiration have slowly but surely brought him to figurative sculpture.

His characters are witnesses of our time. They arrest the spectator’s attention each time by the message they convey.

Dimitri plays with the codes of pop culture, steampunk and generation geek to question us in particular about our relationship with freedom of expression.

The use of pencils is a recurrent feature  in most of the artist’s creations.

Harbingers of strong messages, communication and meaning, his works reflect in particular the artist’s place in society.

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