PAINTER Natacha Pirnay

Artist in permanent collection.

Exhibitions by Pjez Unik:
Untold (2022)

She is trained in Photography and Graphic Design.
However, these techniques did not suffice to properly shape her ideas.
Artistic freedom soon gained the upper hand and she adapted her techniques where necessary. This has resulted over the years in a very varied oeuvre that is both substantively as materially a testimony to her idiosyncratic character.
By consciously choosing between traditional and time-intensive operations vs new digital techniques, she plays with past and present, and therefore also with the concept of time and our perception of it. Her works balance between playful and gloomy, between sweet and cynical, and between nature and culture. She brings a mix of text, image and color that arises from a personal experience, illusion and disillusionment.
The abstract works radiate peace and strength, are balanced, and have an aesthetically inspiring effect.
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