SCULPTOR Joshua Pennings

Artist in permanent collection.

Exhibitions by Pjez Unik:

As a modern blacksmith he makes metal sculptures. Powerful animals and fantasy figures are an important theme in his work. Movement like flying and traveling is also found in his sculptures. He is inspired by the material, but mostly it is his imagination from which the sculptures arise. In his forge he shapes the cold metal into warm sculptures. Bison pounding sparks around, birds flying up from the heat. Back to basics, metal and fire, hammer and anvil. Real craftsmanship. His work is shown at exhibitions, in sculptureparks, galleries, artfairs and events in The Netherlands and abroad. Joshua Pennings does assignments for clients, companies and towns. His work is in private collections in several countries. Each sculpture is unique and handmade of CorTen steel and sometimes found forms. The statues are suitable for indoor and outdoor. Joshua has his own book and sculpturegarden.

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