SCULPTOR Hermien Buytendijk

Exhibitions by Pjez Unik:
Dreams (2023)

The sculptures of Hermien Buytendijk strongly express her imagination into ceramics. Dreams and wordplays are being built into three dimensional layers by hand. Her motto is: “Nothing is as it seems”.*

Her human and animal figures are created like mild mocking birds: self-irony is the basis according to Hermien. I try to capture everyone’s personality including their follies and weaknesses. “The sculptures often express my own doings“.

Having a keen sense of the absurd her “unica” often transcend reality, but still feel recognizable and often deliver a smile. They are hand-crafted using stoneware clay or porcelain. Subsequently, they are baked at a high temperature. In recent years bigger garden sculptures have been created using a thicker layer of glaze of earth tones in combination with a touch of pure gold.

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