About Us

Our mission is to offer a broad spectrum of contemporary art from professional national & international artists, with a diversity of techniques, styles and price range. As we like to describe it: “an eclectic harmony”.

The concept of Pjez Unik is quite unique for Belgium, an innovative and refreshing way to present art to the general public.
Pjez Unik consists out of two parts: the Collection and the Exhibition room. The Collection offers a wide range of contemporary art from different professional national and international artists and with a variety of techniques and styles. Like the people of Pjez Unik describe it: “an eclectic harmony”.

Because of the variety that Pjez Unik offers, it’s always a discovery to find new things. All works are unique pieces, so if you like something nice, do not doubt, because who knows it is gone tomorrow.

There is an idea that art must be expensive, but that is not always right. Pjez Unik has artwork in different price ranges. Each month Pjez Unik will organized a new themed exhibition.

Our Path


After several years of experiencing the gallery world behind the scenes, we came up with a new concept to counter certain challenges that most galleries were facing.
Even the logo had sprouted from our minds. Each character of the name is in a different font, to symbolise the uniqueness and multitude of the art we want to present.

2015, July

Finally the stars aligned and it was the right moment to plant our seedling after the worldwide financial crisis.
We took roots at the Kloosterstraat 112, Antwerp with 15 artists under our wings, 90 m2 of artistic freedom at our disposal.

2015, Oct.

On October 25th, we organized the first ART-hunt through the historic center of Antwerp. This first edition we hid 50 small artworks through the city. To find these we shared hints on social media. The following editions we added the possibility to find an artwork through a classical photo-search-quest.
Now it has become a yearly tradition.

2015, Nov.

For the first time we had a performance of the musical art: Eliza Rickman held a concert in our gallery.


From September 17th until November 13th we had a large pop-up gallery (400 m2) at Loft Interieur in Roosdaal, near Brussels. More than 200 artworks from 40 artists.

2016 – 2018

In 2 years time we expanded our network and we started collaborations with different art-spaces, designers and companies.
We participated in multiple art events, fairs, garden expo’s,…

Here you can see our collaborations.

2018, Oct.

During the first 3 years our family of artists grew from 15 to 80. Sadly our location didn’t want to grow as bricks are rather stubborn. When we found out that one of the larger locations became available in our street, we took this opportunity.
Now we have a beautiful art-space of 240 m2.

2019, Apr.

Slowly but steadily Pjez Unik is becoming well known by artlovers, hence the time was ripe to register our name.

2019, May

For the launch of our new concept “ArtWish“, we build a new website.
For more information about this concept go to this link: ArtWish

2020, March

All the artworks that we have in our collection, you can now see and buy at our website.
To enjoy all the artworks: see our collection.

2020, July

After 5 years of having a gallery in Antwerp, it’s time to open a second gallery in the beautiful coastal city of Knokke.


After spending ages behind the (art)scenes, we decided the time was ripe for us to take the plunge. Since 2015 we’re living our dream, following our passion. No stress and making people happy! This is our happy place.


Born in a photographic family. Her family inaugurated her into photography and image manipulation. It was no more than logic that she would follow in the footprints of her father and make her own contribution to this magical world.

Speciality: Graphic Design & Photography

Life moto: “Growing Up is Mandatory, Growing Up is Optional.”


An entrepreneur with a passion to motivate and share knowledge. Since childhood fascinated with musical composing and performing. The first step into this magical world.

Speciality: Marketing & Motivating

Life moto: “Succes is knowing what you can, but even more what you can’t.”

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