Pjez Unik honours its name by providing a wonderful and vast collection of unique artwork. Thanks to their original concept, they add a refreshing vision to this characteristic & artistic neighbourhood.

You can just walk in to enjoy a varied and attractive collection. There’s a nice mix of styles & techniques for a diverse and dynamic audience, also a nice variation in prices, there’s something for each budget, buying art isn’t necessarily a farfetched dream.

“Through prospection and selection, we work together with a varied group of creative people, who we all know personally. We have visited the art-studio of our artists, to get in touch with their creation-process and to observe the artist in his/her natural habitat.”

At Pjez Unik, we are a discreet intermediary between a highly individual creation and a corresponding appreciation: we will ably guide the customer, without deceiving him with great stories.
A work of art must tell its story on its own:

the individual interpretation is often essential for appreciation and can vary from person to person.

Just like a certain wine is best enjoyed at your vacation destination, will the location -where a certain artwork find its home- be very important to enjoy it to the fullest. Anyone who has doubts about an artwork (or more) can ask for a presentation at home, totally free and without any obligation. That way, you can see it in the correct location with the present energy and lights.

Pjez Unik lives up to its name by providing a variable selection: every visit will be different for the regular visitors as in addition to the permanent collection, there is each month a theme exhibition. “Because visitors and customers can find something new every time, we always manage to make it worth their while to drop by regularly.”

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